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Smile Arctic Oasis Forum Rules: 2

Post by Flippys/ RacingDJ038 on Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:45 pm

Hello and welcome to Arctic Oasis, these are the grand rules you will ne to follow.

#1 The grand golden rule: No cursing, or using bad language

#2 Please do not bump old topics.

#3 No Smiley attacks: EX Cool Laughing Sad Smile Evil or Very Mad Mad Crying or Very sad

#4 Be nice to our other members.

#5 Try not to advertise in Private Messages.

#6 Do not post pictures of yourself. Otherwise they will be deleted.

#7 Do not tell your last name, or the Address of your home, (for your own safety)

#8 ^ Do not tell other peoples addresses ^

#9 No advertising in posts, they are aloud in signitures (otherwise will be removed)

#10 NO SPAMMING! you will be banned and If I need to take it further delete you account and ban your IP address.

#11 Do not cause flame wars, otherwise the topic you are posting in will be Locked.

#12 No discussing anything illegal, racist, or warez or that is adult content

#13 Use common sense

#14 No user shall earn a special rank until he/her earns 50 good posts

Any rule not here may be expressed by a staff member at any time

Thank you if there are any missing rules PM me.

Have a nice day.


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